".....past is prologue."

During the BGB years, I also had the pleasure of working with a friend and awesome singer, Debbie Williams.  I wrote a couple of songs for her and, with the assistance of J.D. Kucharik, recorded a 2-song demo that is featured on the "Music" page.

Since the BGB days, I've done an occasional "acoustic" show and had the privilege to sing with Christine McConnell Wright for awhile in Albany, GA.  Christine is a wonderful vocalist that can sing anything from Stevie Nicks to Janis Joplin!   The fun we had performing in that little southern town is among my most cherished musical memories.

Over the last 25 years, Pete and I have had opportunities to do a few acoustic gigs together.  Now that I've moved back to the northeast, he and I have begun to perform together regularly.   This has been an awesome thrill for me!   (I am currently writing this in the throes of an awful pandemic and that's put some restrictions on our shows)     

Even better, I'm currently in the studio recording an all original album. (title: "It's Your Turn") Both Pete and Larry Youngblood have lent their incredible talents to the project and it sounds great!  The album will include new material as well as some re-worked material from the BGB days.    Sign up on my mailing list at the bottom of this page and you'll receive updates on the release date and how to pre-order!

Over the years, I have poured everything I have creatively, emotionally and spiritually into my musical journey.  What I've received in return is remarkable.  There was also plenty of hard-earned wisdom and times of frustration when it just didn't seem worth it.  Through it all, the friendships and self-discovery has been worth many times whatever was invested.  All in all, a pretty good deal if you ask me!

I owe a great deal to my wife, Tammy, for her support and love over the years. Early on, there was often very little time for us between my day job and the band.  She sacrificed much so I could pursue my dream and, even now, she is an amazing supporter of my musical antics!  

I dedicate this website to my sons, Brandon and Brian.  My hope for them is that they will discover something wonderful in their lives that will challenge them; bring them joy, and sometimes pain, that in the end fulfills them and makes them better people.  That's what music has done for me.

"What's past is prologue ....."  and there's more to come.



all songs featured on bobgeigermusic.com are copyrighted and written by Bob Geiger, with the exception of "Wheels In Motion" and "Road To Paradise". 

"Wheels In Motion" is copyrighted and written by Pete Wagula and Bob Geiger.
"Road To Paradise" is copyrighted and written by Ralph Marks and Bob Geiger.